Interactive Fiction

It took me quite a while to decide whether to file this under writing or programming. Finally, I decided that the coding is simple and the fiction writing is complicated, so it's here.

name written for original current
The Young Girl's Primer MiniGame MiniComp (in progress)
Coronation Day SwashComp (in progress)
Agency IntroComp 2003 030322 030322
Lean and Hungry (personal project) (in progress)
Mars (personal project) (in progress) 030116
The Old Timer (personal project) (in progress)
Contra (personal project) (in progress)
Samurai Tea Room ToasterComp II 030412 050712
The Tower of Beef Speed-IF Jacket 2 030413 030413
Agency (working title)
This is the IFified version of my 2001 Nanowrimo project, above. I'm planning to submit it's opening scene(s) to IntroComp 2003, and that's given me some really good motivation to polish it. Now I need to win so that I have motivation to complete it. I'm hoping that completing this project will help me either complete the original project or find motivation to write more complete IF.

Agency began as my entry into IntroComp. IntroComp is a introduction-writing competition. My goal was to write a good introduction to a game. I was judged only on the extent to which players want to keep playing.

The results of the comp were announced on 2003-04-05. I took second place.
Mars (working title)
This is my most ambitious project to date, so my head swims at the thought of ever finishing it. It's set on an abandoned city on Mars, and should be a treasure hunt and dungeon crawl incorporating the many-actors concept as seen in Suspended. (Without all the intense resource management.) So far, I'm happy with the prose but not with the speed of progress.