I used to think that I could be a "real" writer someday. I thought I could produce prose or poetry and use that to make a living. Things were going well toward that goal until my first years at college, when I realized that I didn't like my poetry and began to suffer from permanent writer's block in my prose writing.


One (working title)
Many of my story ideas spring from a single character or a setting, and not from a plot. This is one of those stories, so it's been slow going. I really hope I can find a path to the end and complete it, because I care a lot about it.
(untitled) Nanowrimo Entry, 2001
I obviously didn't finish this "novel" in time for Nanowrimo. In fact, a year later, I still hadn't finished it. I began making a piece of interactive fiction from it, and that's helped me consider its future. It's still uncertain, though. Again, I'd like to finish this, because I feel attached to it. I've got the same problem: all setting and no plot.
Life Support (Nanowrimo 2003)
...in progress...


I might put some of my poetry up, after I go through it and decide that it isn't too depressingly bad. For now, suffice it to say that I once wrote a lot of poetry.

Interactive Fiction

It took me quite a while to decide whether to file this under writing or programming. Finally, I decided that the coding is simple and the fiction writing is complicated, so it's here.