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what CPAN code did I install when?

by rjbs, created 2021-07-03 13:56
last modified 2021-07-04 12:14
tagged with: @markup:md journal perl programming

When I upgrade my perl, which I do pretty often, the first thing I do is install Task::BeLike::RJBS (by running cpanm rjbs). This installs most of the stuff I'm going to need to do my normal work. Over time, I tend to find that it needs an update, because over the course of the last year or so I started using some new libraries tht didn't get into the bundle. (This will happen less now that I'm using the monthly blead snapshots day to day again, but it's a real thing.)

I don't use plenv's "install everything I had before onto the new one," because I want to keep track of what I install every time. That means that for the first few days after installing a new perl, I end up having to install some library that's not there when I go to run some program that I run now and then. When that happens, I don't want to pull up a notepad and write down what's missing from my bundle. Instead, I wrote a little program to look at my installation history and show me clusters of installed libraries. After a week or two, I look at the output from this program and consider updating my bundle accordingly.

Here it is:

  use v5.34.0;
  use warnings;

  use File::stat;
  use Term::ANSIColor;

  my @perl_inc = `perl -E 'say for grep { m{/.plenv/versions/} } \@INC'`;
  chomp @perl_inc;

  my @lines = `find @perl_inc -name MYMETA.json`;
  chomp @lines;

  my %mtime;

  for my $line (@lines) {
    my ($dist) = $line =~ m{/([^/]+)/MYMETA.json\z};
    my $mtime  = stat($line)->mtime;
    $mtime{$dist} = $mtime;

  my $prev = 0;
  for my $dist (sort { $mtime{$a} <=> $mtime{$b} } keys %mtime) {
    my $mtime = $mtime{$dist};
    if ($mtime - $prev > 3600) {
      print "\n";
      printf "%s %s %s\n",
        colored(['bright_cyan'], '==['),
        colored(['bright_yellow'], scalar localtime $mtime),
        colored(['bright_cyan'], ']==');
    $prev = $mtime;
    say "$dist";