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keeping track of the (dumb) things I do

by rjbs, created 2013-11-25 22:39
tagged with: @markup:md journal productivity programming

Last week, I was thinking about how sometimes I do something I have to do and then feel great, and sometimes I do something I have to do and then feel lousy. I decided I should keep track of what I do and how it makes me feel. (I have some dark predictions, but am trying to hold off until I have more recorded.) To do this, I needed a way to record the facts, and it needed to be really, really easy to use. I'd never take the time to say "I did something" if it was a hassle.

I decided I wanted to run commands something like this:

  rjbs:~$ did some code review on DZ patches :)

So, I did some code review and it made me happy. Then I thought of some embellishments:

  rjbs:~$ did some code review on DZ patches :) +code ~45m ++

I spent about 45 minutes doing it, it was code, and this was an improvement to my mood from when I started. There's a problem, though: :) isn't valid shell. I solved this by making did with no arguments read from standard input. I also renamed did to D. I also think I might make it accept emoji, so I could run:

  rjbs:~$ D haggled with mortgage provider 😠 +money

Later, I'll write something to build a blog post template from a week's work, maybe. I'm still not sure whether I'll keep using this. I need to get into the habit, and I'm not sure how, although connecting it to Ywar might help.

Anyway, the code is a real mess right now, and it kind of stinks, but D is on GitHub in case it's of interest to anyone.