jGal is an application for generating XHTML image galleries and slideshows. It's branched from iGal by Eric Pop. It generates galleries with classed elements for use with CSS, rather than HTML 4.0-style code. It also provides for more and more persistent customization, and it operates correctly with recent ImageMagick releases.

I spent a long time trying to find a decent image galley generator, and none of the most recent offerings met my needs. They required mod_perl or PHP, or they generated thumbnails on the fly, or they just didn't do what I wanted. I found that iGal generated decent galleries, but making them look how I wanted was tough, because it used such crufty HTML. I put off modifying iGal because of its jumbled, confusing code structure, but I finally decided that it would still be easier to start with iGal than to start from scratch.



All releases are archived for download.