I'm a professional programmer. While that doesn't really count for much, it at least should let you know that I write a decent amount of code and have at least some idea of what I'm doing. I try to make all my software free.

Most of the code I've released has been written in Perl and released to the CPAN. Other code that I've written can be more or less broken down into larger projects, listed below, and little hacks that provide quick and ugly solutions to life's little annoyances.


jGal is an application that generates XHTML galleries and slideshows for images. It's a branch of iGal. jGal was, for a long time, my most popular and active project. I've long since stopped developing or using it. Flickr ended up doing so much of what I had wanted to add that I decided to use them and devote my programming time to less well-solved problems.
Xenial is cupidity management software; in other words, it's a gift registry. I began writing it in 2003 after years of putting it off. It has received an hour of work here and there, but should continue to see some enhancements at least around Christmas, yearly. I'm hoping to entirely rewrite it any day now (it's August 2007 as I write this), using much better tools. When that's done, I'll release it.