OCP: Othello's Car Parent

This is a parent for automobiles.

Character Sheet

This implemented the +sheet command at Dark Metal.

Com Sys

This provides a basic channels system for chatting.

ODP: Othello's Datapad Parent

This is a parent for PDAs.

OHS: Othello's Hunting System

This provided DarkMetal's +hunt system for vampires. I rewrote it when I was Vampire Admin, because no one could explain how the rules for the existing system had been derived. They were really weird.

+info files

These files, which took forever to input, provide the text of +info and +infolist, which were quick-refs for the White Wolf rules at Dark Metal and elsewhere.

OLS: Othello's Language System

This was going to replace the awful language system on DM. I don't know if it ever did. Talking and posing speech with languages was always a big problem for MUSH, in my opinion. The system just wasn't built to allow simple plug-in solutions.

OSD: Othello's Shapeshifting Data

I rewrote the (awful) +shift system for Garou (etc) at Dark Metal; I think I tried to get myself some kind of silly Bete character out of the deal, but I'm not sure if that ever happened. Anyway, this contains the data for stats and messages for the system. I don't know where the commands are.

+places code

This is some simple +places code for tables and bars.

VC: View Commands

This object provides the ubiquitous +view command.

OWS: Othello's Weapons System

This was my magnum opus when I was MUSHcoding. That's a little pathetic, both because this code isn't all that perfect and because I even can call something a magnum opus in MUSH code. This is a relatively large solution for weapons, ammunition, and weapon accessories. The existing system on DM was really clunky and no one used it properly, which meant that the enforcement of the "guns are hard to get" rules was nearly impossible. My friend Todd and I redid the actual weapons list, too, to replace things like .666 caliber revolvers, but that was quashed by the weapons wizard, Treason.