bc hacks

Truth be told, I only have one even reasonably interesting hack for bc. I threw together this awful little script to generate the Golden Ratio by computing very large Fibonacci numbers and dividing them. I'm sure this is probably the worst way to go about this, but I wasn't concerned with quality.

inform hacks

Inform is a neat (not-so) little language, designed primarily for creating interactive fiction games. There's a library for Inform called "links" that enables the creation of objects that can connect or affect each other. You can use this to wire two things together or have a remote control for a device, et cetera. I don't remember just what was wrong with the original, except for the formatting. There was no indentation. I fixed that, added the concept of gendered connections, and made some other changes. You can use my modified links however you like.

MUSH hacks

For a few years, I staffed on some MUSHes, which feature what I believe may be one of the worst programming "languages" ever. The real challenge in MUSH code was not making something great, but making something decent. I've got a pretty decent set of code here, but it's probably never going to be revised or documented, so caveat emptor.

Perl hacks

Most of my coding is done in Perl, a pretty amazing language that you should go learn right now. I've got a few pieces of code here, free for anyone's use.

Ruby hacks

Ruby is a really sweet language. If I wasn't so entrenched in Perl, I'd try to use it much more often. As it is, I've got one or two little toysthat I built in Ruby.

other hacks